Saturday, December 26, 2009


malam td aku mentelaah lagi majalah..
tuh je la keja aku...
tp there's an article 2 share wit..

seperti tajuk kat atas tuh kan...

'clever comebacks to ANNOYING TEXT MESSAGES'

hurmm we all have frens wit bad texting do u make it known 2 them that u're irritated while keeping it light n witty?
ha ni diaa antara yg bes aku nak kasi tau...

ada 4 kategori untuk msg2 yg cam hampeh ni..

  1. the trigger - happy caller / texter - kekadang kita bz tp dia xpaham bahasa dok kol2 jugak + msg cam wat karangan...
  2. the lazy "K" - ala yg suka reply pendek tanya banyak dia jwb "K" je..biadap sungguh hahaa
  3. the abbreviations junkie.
  4. the bulk texter
yg best aku nak share kat sni points no. 3 ngan 4

  • the abbreviations junkie
 the freind who has an addiction to short-form like "TTY L8R" or "C U 2MR".

cleaver comeback:
reply: "you should really consider an iPhone, or a blackberry, or 'anything that gives you more room to text!"

  • the bulk texter
instead of fitting what he/she wants to say in one text message, they love to send a string of them:
text 1 : "Hey!"
text 2 : "what's up?"
text 3 : "what are you doing?"
text 4 : " we're going to the cinema tonight"
text 5 : "around 10"
text 6 : "just me and chris"
text 7 : "are you coming?"
text 8 : "let us know"

cleaver come back:
text 1 : "please"
text 2 : "never"
text 3 : "text"
text 4 : "me"
text 5 : "this"
text 6 : "way"
text 7 : "again"
text 8 : "thanks!"
text 9 : " ;p "

hehehe bongek gak article nih...
berjaya wat aku gelak gaggaa syok2...

-CLEO jan 2010


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